Weighing the Risks and Benefits of Youth Football

Participating in sports is an amazing experience for children and young people. Sports engage the body as well as the mind in a very comprehensive way. However, there might be certain risks involved, including injuries and in some cases, even stress and depression. A sport such as football is extremely popular, but are the benefits truly worth facing the risks?

Parents are often fearful or hesitant when their kids express a desire to play contact sports: concussions and accidents are every mom and dad’s nightmare! Sport-related injuries are indeed a focus of ongoing debate in the healthcare industry, and effort are consistently being made in order to help people get familiar with issues commonly associated with concussions.  It is also important to recognize the amazing advancements that have been made with equipment and even artificial surfaces designed to reduce impact injuries without compromising performance.

However, although concussions might be dangerous, they are easy to manage and prevent with the proper precautions, including utilizing proper sportswear, as well as simply raising awareness on the issue.

Don’t let the headlines scare you: the risk of injuries is inherent with being a child.  Regardless of what they do, children can get hurt, as its in their nature to explore their own limits and the world around them. Sometimes, they are bound to take some missteps! The world of youth football and other contact sports is no more or less dangerous than any other sport or outdoors activities, and there are many incredible benefits in playing youth football.Such benefits include improved coordination, mobility and fitness, but also other perks on a personal and educational level. Being a part of a team, or a social group is a great life lesson, as well as remaining focused on the game’s development and rules! 

Talk with your doctor, friends who have kids in football and other trusted sources to make a decision that is right for your family!

Laurie has 20 years of experience in Pediatric nursing. Currently she is an ER travel nurse and loves it. A proud mother of a 19 year old daughter who is approaching her second year at the University of Arkansas. She loves to travel, spend time with her daughter, and friends. Hobbies include snorkeling, fishing, and promoting the safety of children!