Setting Goals with Your Kids for a Healthy 2018

Why should you set goals with your kids for a healthy 2018? What does “healthy 2018” even mean? This article will open your eyes to stuff you either were oblivious to or nonchalant about. Childhood obesity rates increase every year in the United States. Despite all the government programs and media efforts to push weight loss for kids, this problem is getting larger and larger.

What many haven’t figured out is that you can’t push the responsibility onto the government, schools or the fast food industry. Responsibility starts at home, with parents – with you!

It’s evident that as a parent, you love your kids and you want what’s best for them. But in many cases, parents just don’t know how to give them the best. Weight loss, even for kids, is a step by step process.

It can be done, but not overnight. If you are serious about helping your kids to be healthier, then you must be willing to make lifestyle changes for the whole family. So how do you make lifestyle changes for your family? By setting goals! Here are ways you can set goals with your kid for a healthy 2018.

Setting Goals with your Kids for a Healthy 2018

Setting Goals with your Kids for a Healthy 2018


Consult Your Pediatrician

The first thing you should do is consult your pediatrician and let them know you want to make a lifestyle change for your kids. Seek advice and information about how to live a healthy life. Your Doctor should have practical and important tips to get you started.


Come up with a Realistic Plan

After getting professional advice from your pediatrician, you must come up with a plan. It is best to write it down, with perhaps some goals, study after study show that written goals increase chances for success dramatically.


Research the Best Foods and Exercises for Your Kids

It is good to do your own research as well. Find out what foods are necessary and beneficial for your kids. Find out how many calories they should be consuming every day. Learn about the ingredients in the foods you eat. Are they healthy or harmful? Search for a list of fun kids exercises to keep them active. It doesn’t take that long to find out this information.


Change Yourself

The hardest thing for parents to come to terms with is that for their child to be healthy, they will also need to be healthy too. Parents are a child’s number one role model. They will eat what you eat and do what you do.

It’s not fair for parents to eat a bag of M&M’s and not offer any to their children. The same is true for exercise. For them to want to change they will have to see a change in you.


Have Health-Related Discussions with Your Kids

Sitting down with your children and talking about health is very beneficial. Explain the wrong food choices you’ve made and let them know that for you all to live long, healthy lives you must make different decisions. Together, come up with a Healthy Habits Goal Sheet. Create a chart to record your progress. Encourage your child along the way.


Employ the Reward System

Whenever you do make your goals, celebrate them. Celebrating with a dessert or a fattening dinner is typical. Instead, celebrate with a fun day trip or take them somewhere they’ve wanted to go. Express to them how proud you are, and they will feel good about their progress.


Healthy Habits for kids is possible and will benefit them the rest of their lives. Childhood obesity doesn’t have to continue growing. If you are willing to take charge, make changes, and enjoy a healthy 2018 with your kids, following the tips above is all you need to do.

Laurie has 20 years of experience in Pediatric nursing. Currently she is an ER travel nurse and loves it. A proud mother of a 19 year old daughter who is approaching her second year at the University of Arkansas. She loves to travel, spend time with her daughter, and friends. Hobbies include snorkeling, fishing, and promoting the safety of children!