Health Risks from buying goods from China?

I have always been a proponent of purchasing products that are “Made in the U.S.A.” The rationale behind that advocacy is that it provides jobs for Americans, it stimulates the economy, and it facilitates the industrious “American Way of Life.”  With that thought in mind, I was not surprise to discover another reason to be wary of purchasing imported products.

What I discovered is that certain imported products may be hazardous to your health. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has released a consumer warning against certain hair ties that were manufactured in China. It has been discovered that these hair bands are being produced with (get this) used condoms.  Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous and not to mention, so unsanitary.

The warning issued by the CDC read:

“The amount of bacteria and potential viruses on these hair ties and rubber bands, which are made from used unsanitary condoms, has 4 times the bacteria found on a public restroom toilet.  Consumers could potentially be infected with AIDS, warts, herpes and other venereal diseases if they hold the rubber bands on hair ties in their mouths while setting their hair.  We warn against consumers purchasing these products if they were made in China.”

Your healthcare professionals at “” strongly suggest that you heed this warning to avoid contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Can you imagine your teen-age daughter or son (male buns are in vogue these days) contracting a venereal disease when there is evidence to support abstinence from sexual activity?   Try explaining that one to your church friends. The moral to this story, “don’t buy hair bands made in China.”


Tony L. Wallace, RN, BSN

Tony is a Registered Nurse, who has 25 years of pediatric experience. He has practiced as a Staff Nurse, Charge Nurse, and as a Nurse Manager at Cook Childrens Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas. He also has experience in the adult arena, most recently as a nurse in a Cardiovascular ICU and as a Hemodialysis Nurse. He has a wife and two children. His hobbies are Bible study, physical fitness, working with children, writing and blogging.