Setting Goals with Your Kids for a Healthy 2018

Why should you set goals with your kids for a healthy 2018? What does “healthy 2018” even mean? This article will open your eyes to stuff you either were oblivious to or nonchalant about. Childhood obesity rates increase every year in the United States. Despite all the government programs and media efforts to push weight loss for kids, this problem is getting larger and larger. What many haven’t figured out is that you can’t push the responsibility onto the government, schools or the fast food industry. Responsibility starts at home, with parents – with you! It’s evident that as a

Buzz Your Way Out of Pain

As adults, we know that going to the doctor’s office can be a pain-in-the-you know what, even under the best of circumstances. But we tend to rationalize our way to our physician’s office anyway, knowing that it is in our best interest to go. Then once we arrive, we will take the visit with a grain of salt.  However, imagine if the patient is a kid. We’ve all seen the scenario, right? Have you ever seen a child jump for joy, when they are told they are going to see their pediatrician? Of course, not. Don’t be ridiculous. Now, add

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy this Flu Season

As flu season is steadily approaching, many parents are particularly concerned about the wellbeing of their children. Kids, in particular, are quite vulnerable to flu because their immune system can get weaker as we face often drastic weather changes from summer to the fall. If you live in a big city, exposure to flu contaminants and other people can even further increase the risk. If you are looking for the best way to protect your kids, read on to find out more about how you can keep your kids as healthy as possible during the flue season! Prompt them to

Back to School Sunscreen?

While the hot season advances, our kids love to spend time outside, even while at school. It is actually very common for school students to spend more time outdoors during the first weeks os school to attend various activities, including PE classes or even simple recess. In many schools, students are not allowed to use sunscreen or wear a hat outdoors. This actually could increase their potential for sunburns. However, in many cases, parents have the option to resort to a form to be signed by a physician, in order to allow their kids to use sunscreen at school. We

Controlling Your Sugar Cravings

  If your kids are like most kids, controlling their cravings for sweets is a never-ending battle. Whether they are playing at home, at school or hanging out with friends, it is a struggle that many children experience. Can I get a witness? At this point, some of you might be asking the question, “Is that really a problem?” Well, yes, it can be. Did you know that too much sugar consumption can lead to an unbalanced blood sugar level? An unbalanced blood sugar level can significantly increase the risk of developing conditions later in life such as diabetes, heart

Creative ways to keep your kids hydrated this summer

Summer is a truly amazing time. It allows children to experience the outdoors and parents to spend a little more time playing with them, helping them grow and discover the world. However, the summer heat also brings forth an unsuspecting danger than many people overestimate: Dehydration! Especially when they are really young, children can be affected by the symptoms of dehydration very quickly. Just a couple of hours of play time under the hot sun could indeed already produce dangerous effects, such as a general sense of weakness, dizziness or headaches, among other signs that your kids might be exposed

Can Sugar in a Child’s Diet Trigger Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease?

One of the things, I truly love about becoming a nurse and working in the healthcare profession, is that it is constantly evolving and researching ways to improve the health of people like you and me.  We that are your healthcare professionals are constantly challenging conventional wisdom and thinking, as well as, reevaluating traditional treatment modalities. This type of thinking can result in some fantastic discoveries, which can alter how diseases are treated and managed. A recent example to this is the research that has taken place with gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as, GERD. For years (approximately 80 to

Five Best Foods to Give Children Before they Exercise

Physical exercise is very important for children. It helps them develop their body-motion coordination and their physical strength. In addition to that, exercising can also have positive mental effects on kids. Sports and other forms of training have indeed been found to increase positivity and self-esteem, as well as help children develop their intellect and cognitive skills. As they say, “a healthy mind in a healthy body!” Even though exercise is obviously very important, the right nutrition is absolutely vital. In some cases, physical activity without good nutrition can actually produce adverse effects and cause problems that can lead to

When is Diagnostic Radiation Unsafe?

When it comes to modern medicine, many of the decisions that you make concerning your child’s health, involves a risk verses benefit factor. The healthcare profession is extremely fortunate to have the diagnostics tools that are available for us to use. These powerful diagnostic tools have truly revolutionized our ability to accurately diagnose our patient’s condition. Consequently, this leads to prescribing the proper treatment modalities which results in successful outcomes for our patient’s. This is beneficial to the patient, am I right? However, these broadly used diagnostic tools also pose a danger to your child, thus we have our risk.

Weighing the Risks and Benefits of Youth Football

Participating in sports is an amazing experience for children and young people. Sports engage the body as well as the mind in a very comprehensive way. However, there might be certain risks involved, including injuries and in some cases, even stress and depression. A sport such as football is extremely popular, but are the benefits truly worth facing the risks? Parents are often fearful or hesitant when their kids express a desire to play contact sports: concussions and accidents are every mom and dad’s nightmare! Sport-related injuries are indeed a focus of ongoing debate in the healthcare industry, and effort